Sustainability Report

In our current Sustainability Report we give insights into our advanced sustainability strategy and transparently document the company’s sustainability-related achievements in detail.

Sustainability Report 2019

Sustainability and business must go hand in hand


Our sustainability reporting is aligned to the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the 10 principles of the U.N. Global Compact (UNGC). Clear nonfinancial indicators help us measure our performance.

Specific greenhouse gas emissions

(kg CO2e / € thousand external sales)

Energy efficiency

(kWh / € thousand external sales)

Proportion of women in upper management


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The following files are available for download. You will find Sustainability and integrated Annual Reports from previous years here.


Thursday, 27 February 2020

Financial News Conference: Full Year 2019 Results

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Previous Sustainable Development Reports

Until 2012 we demonstrated in our Sustainable Development Report how we create a sustained balance between economy, ecology and social responsibility and what contribution we make to sustainable development worldwide. From 2013 until 2018 the Bayer Sustainable Development Report was integrated in the Annual Report.

Sustainable Development Reports