Bayer Arts & Culture Inspires in Leverkusen and Berlin

The company has offered a wide range of entertaining cultural activities ever since its early days. Bayer is now unique around the world in this respect.

For over 100 years, culture at Bayer has stood for good entertainment and intellectual enrichment. At the beginning of the 20th century, a company orchestra (1901) and cultural affairs department (1907) were established.

Cultural affairs and the highly varied program of Bayer Arts & Culture are a key part of Bayer's corporate social responsibility. Cultural experiences also promote in particular qualities that are important to everyday life at our company: creativity, an interest in new things and openness toward unfamiliar situations.

Our internationally aligned cultural activities also reflect the way we relate to one another in a global enterprise. After all, cultural diversity is part of our mission statement and a vital element of our corporate culture.

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