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Bayer Water Position

The availability of clean water is a growing concern around the world and therefore currently a heavily discussed topic on the international agenda. Although water scarcity is no global phenomenon as e.g. climate change, an increasing number of regions does not have access to sufficient clean water supplies to meet industrial or sometimes even basic sanitation needs.

Bayer Water Position

Bayer Water Position

Our commitment to protect und use water responsibly is expressed in our corporate water position.

In our mission “Bayer: Science for A Better Life” we promise innovative solutions to global economic, ecological and social challenges. The availability of clean water is a growing concern around the world. Water is not only essential for life on earth but also for many industry sectors of the global economy and for us as a pharmaceutical and chemical company with energy and water intensive operations.

The protection of all natural resources is an integral part of Bayer’s commitment to sustainable development. Aiming to protect water resources and to improve wateruse-efficiency both within the company and beyond, we set emission and water use reduction targets at relevant production sites and develop and provide products and technologies that improve water use efficiency and quality. Furthermore, we support community and research projects promoting the responsible use of water.

Improving Our Own Operations

Complying with international and local laws, and striving to apply the strictest requirements worldwide, we

  • Globally monitor site water usage, quality and discharges
  • Run site-specific projects for water reuse, recycling, reduction or waste water treatment
  • Regularly review and assess risks and necessary investment decisions

Developing Innovative Products and Technologies for the Market

  • As agriculture accounts for roughly 70 percent of fresh water consumed in the world, and as water is a major rate-limiting factor for agriculture in areas with water scarcity, we concentrate major activities in the agricultural sector ensuring the supply of food for a growing population through research and promotion of waterefficient products and farming techniques.
  • We develop and provide products and technologies for improved waste water treatment.
  • We pursue a proactive product stewardship approach.

Supporting Water-related Community Projects

  • We use our local presence to support projects which provide access to clean water and sanitation to our employees and the communities in which we operate.
  • We set a focus on awareness and skills building, e.g. by working with farmers and supporting education and science.

A responsible, sustainable use of water requires the commitment from many different stakeholders, i.e. from regulators, NGOs, academia, the public, the private sector and others. We believe that this global challenge and our own objectives can best be met through multi-lateral partnerships and therefore engage in water-related initiatives with international and local partners. To facilitate the transfer of learnings and know-how, we are committed to the transparent reporting of our water-related activities. More information about our water strategy can be found in our sustainability report.